Who are we?

Man. One of the first skills that he was able to learn was construction. Today, construction is a part of the life of every human being. Construction technology changes every year, the standards are increasing and so are increasing requirements of our customers. Our team can handle all of their needs. We have an experienced team who listens and likes to please every wish of our customers. Our years of experience have focused on quality work. Again and again we are proud when you inspire our work!

What can we offer?

  • Accurate projection
  • Quality results
  • Hardworking team
  • Precise design
  • Long-term experience
  • Dedicated management

What we offer..

  • Landscaping
  • Facade works
  • Sewage works
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Concrete work
  • Ground works
  • Demolition works
  • Construction works
Kempt environment is the "icing on the cake" in decorated houses. Appearance of courtyard reflects your attitude towards the environment and everything that surrounds us. We will make sure that you will satisfy both usability and aesthetics. We will present a selection of materials that will be perfectly captured with the arrangements of your home or business premises. We edit the driveways, paving, fencing or construction of concrete scarp. You can trust us. Together we can add that "finishing touch". Edit driveways Placing curbs Edit yards Installation of fencing
Creating different thermal facades: We produce classical facades and facades with new materials that are on the market. Top layer can be scraped plasters, smooth plaster or molded plaster. We produce facade with panels with styrofoam and lamellar panel.

Repair of facades: We perform repairs of facades of all kinds, such as the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the external appearance of the facade, painting eaves, eliminate the cracks and damage to the facade and painting facades.

Painting services: Over the years and different weather conditions facade color loses its shine. Therefore repainting facades is a big nice change for us and also for the neighborhood that surrounds us.

Our work includes an integrated approach to the repair of the necessary protection of the surroundings, a scaffold, manufacture and at the end careful cleaning of the surrounding area, where the repair is carried out. We use high quality materials that withstand various weather and temperature changes over time.
We produce indoor and outdoor drains and arrange the connection to public infrastructure. We produce manholes and tanks. We supply and install small treatment plants for residential houses and water tanks - rainwater.
The company carries out shuttering for concrete with a metal observation Doka system, which allows a better aesthetic appearance of the finished concrete. We produce wooden roof truss, rafter treated head and leg at the verge (relief optional) and produce canopies. We offer the production of hay drying racks and other structures made of wood, take care of the snowboard roof structures, cover with spare coverings, roof ventilation producing and lath size roofs.
Construction of buildings is our main business. We offer a modern construction and low-energy houses or business premises, as well as the renovation of existing buildings. We have built different types of bricks to III. construction phase. We arrange for heat and hydro insulation to your basement or living spaces, roofs or terraces. When building a new facility our focus is directed only at the customer's request. Together we will find the most optimal solutions that will make your future house what you've always wanted! Last year the big trend was installing prefabricated and wooden houses. If you are interested in this kind of construction, you can request from us the project and the overall layout of the house with all installations.
You can order all kinds of concrete work. Want a concrete basement? Maybe a concrete wall or panel? We offer both hardware and manual installation of concrete reinforcement in foundations, walls, ties, lintels, stairs, slabs, columns, terraces and roofs. We deliver the concrete to your desired location.
We have equipment manufacturers which provide you with a tight mechanical excavation of terrain and excavation of trenches for foundations or for making connections to the infrastructure.
We perform the demolition of structures or only parts of the objects. We arrange for the manufacture of various breaches of the walls for a new door or window openings. We carry out mechanical and manual demolition and remove the roofing . We arrange for the removal of debris and waste to an authorized landfill.
Our main activity is the construction of residential houses to III. construction phase. Our friendly professionals will advise you based on your wishes and requirements. Since the trends keep changing you can expect the best from us, at the best price. We build all types of houses and commercial buildings, including renovating exsisting buildings and also building roads and utility infrastructure facilities. You can order a concrete or masonry, demolition or the preparation of the terrain, making manual or mechanical plastering, manufacture or repair of the facade, laying insulation or construction of sewage systems, carpentry or installation - all in one place.